Past COVID-19 Updates

12:44 PM 05/15/2020:

Based on the announcement from the Ontario Government this afternoon we have the all clear to open as of this Saturday May 16th!!!!! You can come up to your trailer and catch up on all the yard work and cleaning you have been yearning for! It’s important to note this comes with some conditions, so please read the following carefully.

  • The washroom building, outhouses, and laundry facilities will be closed until further notice. Please use the washrooms in your trailers. You can use our dumping station if need be.


  • The playgrounds and all other public areas are closed as well. The playground is still under construction anyway as we await the safety ground covering. The company just opened up and they are catching up on their jobs!



  • The office is currently open from 9 AM to 5 PM, seven days a week. Please practice social distancing if you come by to see us, the office is operating with one in, one out, so be mindful of that.


  • The opening of the parks pertains to guests with current seasonal contracts only, which means that for now we have to hold off on trailer sales appointments and visitors looking to bring in their trailers. We are still accepting site applications from those who would like to join us here, but the application process has been paused. We will contact everyone who has applied once we are allowed to have you visit the park.


  • The conditions for opening extend to limitations on visitors as well. Unfortunately, you are not to have any guests this weekend. Please only our registered seasonal clients until further notice! There will be plenty of time for grilling and catching up when it is safe.


  • All transient reservations continue to be suspended until June 1st. Any new reservations in Pine Alley are suspended until June 15th as we are completing construction.


  • Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service has lifted the burn ban effective May 8, 2020. The current burn hazard index is set to high. Please use extreme caution when burning and take precautions to prevent the spread of fire.

If you’re around this weekend, make sure to check out what we have done to Pine Alley! This area is still under construction, but we are very excited about what it’s going to turn into.

Another area under construction is the ATV and bike lot. Something exciting we have decided to do is to build a kid-friendly pump track! Plans for this are still in the works, but we will release more information soon!

If you are up this weekend and would like to store your things back in the ATV and bike lot, go for it! Just keep in mind it will be temporary and you may have to move it as the construction is completed. Please keep your items off to the side in the old section, out of the way of the ongoing construction area. In October last year, we announced that you will not be able to move your metal sheds back into this lot and this has not changed.

Please remember that it is vital you all practice social distancing. We have made it so far through this pandemic and we absolutely do not want an outbreak in the park to set us back again! We know that everyone will want to socialize and catch up with your neighbours, but you must be careful!

Stay safe everyone and we will see you soon!

3:14 PM 05/06/2020

Hi Everyone! I am sorry that it’s been so long since our last update but we have been expecting a solid timeline.

On Monday, May 4th I spoke with York Region public health. I called in really just to touch base and “get the temperature” of how things were looking; the conversation was positive and upbeat. The Public Health department is looking at pool inspections for pool openings, meaning that it looks like the pools will be able to open. Of course, I didn’t get into timelines, but I didn’t get the impression that it would be significantly delayed. This is great news!

In Alberta last week seasonal trailer parks were included in the 1st phase of opening. Although this doesn’t affect us directly, I am hopeful that this is a good sign for us going forward.

We have been eagerly awaiting the announcement today from the Ontario government, but unfortunately, there was no timeline provided.

Today, Premier Ford extended the Emergency Order Act until Tuesday, May 19th. This means that the current measures remain in place for now.

At the same time, he also announced that nurseries, hardware stores and some other retail is allowed to open. I am still hopeful that we are going to hear good news soon, but as of right now, I am not able to give anyone a hard date for when they can use their trailer as they normally would.

We are continuing to work the phones, and we are in touch with all of the agencies responsible for our opening. I believe that we can conduct ourselves in a way to limit the risk and we are getting that message out loud and clear.

Stay tuned. We are hopeful for good news very soon.

Park update.

The staff are continuing to work every day at getting the park ready. We are moving lot by lot and cleaning up all of the leaves so that when you can return, it is ready for you.
The new playgrounds are just waiting for the safety base to be installed, but unfortunately that company is still closed down.

We are continuing to work on Pine Alley to get all of the horse stalls complete so that we are ready when transient camping opens up.

This upcoming weekend the weather is a mess! Apparently, Mother Nature thought it would be fun to throw in a polar vortex in the mix! Saturday is calling for a high of 5 degrees with SNOW and rain if you can believe it! On Monday, May 11th they are calling for a low of -6!!!

There is some good news……to date we have not seen the murder hornet around the park!

The office will be open this weekend as previously posted this Saturday and Sunday (May 9th May 10th) from 9-5 if you need to access your trailer to check on it.

Morgan and I will continue to work the phones and we will continue to be transparent as we get new information.

Stay safe

Kyle and Morgan.

11:39 AM 05/01/2020

Hello everyone! We have been getting a lot of great questions coming in on email and we are hoping this quick update can alleviate some concerns.

For our current residents: Where do we stand currently and can I see my trailer?

  • The Ontario Government extended the emergency orders restricting our opening until at least May 6th
  • Beginning this weekend, the park office will be staffed on weekends from 9 AM to 5 PM
  • We encourage everyone to stay home, but if you do feel the need to check on your property, you will be allowed on weekends between 9 AM and 5 PM
  • You can make payments during this time, but please respect the instructional office signs for distancing
  • You must be off the property by 5 PM
  • You must register at the office before entering using the buzzer at the gate
  • Please no public gatherings
  • Bathrooms, La Barn and playgrounds are all closed
  • No bonfires in accordance with the Kawartha fire ban
  • Only gate cards of registered snowbirds will be authorized (you are to have emailed with your information)

We are fighting as an industry for the right to access our vacation properties and we need your help! Please be on your best behaviour and there will be time to hang out with friends and neighbours soon.

For those who have given notice that they plan to vacate, we will be reaching out to you to clarify the details of your accessibility.

The government is telling us that the outbreak has peaked in Ontario and hopefully we will be on the decline very soon if we continue to work together and follow the boundaries they set. There’s still lots of time to make this season a good one, it sure will be memorable!

Enjoy the rest of your week and stay safe!


9:53 AM 04/19/2020:

As many of you may already know the Ontario Government recently extended the declaration of emergency until May 12th.  Although we are getting conflicting information from our legal team and MPP’s, it does look like we will remain closed until May 12th, pending further updates. We have been in constant contact with all levels of government and are doing our absolute best to fight for both our customers and our industry. This newsletter linked below addresses the most recent announcements and current changes to park policy. Please read on for information pertaining to snowbirds, season fees, reservations for short-stay campers, and how we are handling the what-ifs.


2:33 PM 04/15/2020:

Due to the progression of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have suspended use of the park for short-stay campers for the month of May. We will be cancelling and fully refunding all reservations that take place during this closure. Please await an email confirmation and a phone call to confirm you are aware of the situation. We are sincerely sorry for this change of plans. Short-stay camping is set to resume June 1st 2020. Please bear with us as we take precautionary measures to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers. For anyone planning to stay with us while exploring the Ganaraska trails, keep in mind that the Ganaraska Forest and Forest Centre also remain closed until further notice. We thank you for your understanding and hope you can book with us soon at Sandaraska Park!

For our seasonal residents, please await further updates.

2:46 PM 03/27/2020:

Morgan and I have been working closely with the regional Health departments along with Town bylaw and the regional police departments. We have the advantage in that with Cedar Beach, which opened April 1st, we have been in constant communication with the various government agencies. We are as up to date as you can possibly be with the current pandemic. I have a direct line to both, York Region Public Health and HKPR District Health that governs Sandaraska. We have good relationships with the people who are making decisions and have earned their respect. The current manager of HKPR used to work for York Health, I have had a good working relationship with him for many years. When he doesn’t know or we need to check if our solution will be ok, he calls the Solicitor General.

I tell you all of this because I want you to understand that we are at the forefront of the regulations as they are being made. I have not been concentrating as much on our response to this pandemic as it pertains to Sandaraska for the simple reason that the park is closed.

The park opens May 1st, it has always been that way and nothing has changed.

We do provide access dates when the park is closed so that you can go up and check your trailer and remain in compliance with your insurance regulations. This is not one of those weekends! We are currently under a Provincial State of Emergency and they have enacted the Quarantine act allowing them to charge people with very hefty fines.

We are also under a mandatory “shelter in place” order until April 18th, with most businesses forced to close and your only purpose to leave your house for essential items like food. Regions have suspended peoples use of cottages, trailers and anything else that is not essential.

The reason that I feel the need to write this is because I have read some comments that indicate people are planning to come up to the park this weekend. Given that we are currently under all of these restrictions, given that the park is closed, given that this is not an access weekend, there should be no one in the park over the holiday weekend.

This virus does not have legs, it is a hitchhiker, we transport it around and drop it off.

Please use a little common sense and show the health units that we will respect the boundaries they have put in place for our safety. If we do not, if we thumb our nose at the regulations they will simply keep increasing the restrictions until people get the message. Translation, ignoring these rules could put the park and your access to it in jeopardy.

Please, stay home, stay safe and respect the restrictions that are in place for the short term.

Thank you in advance for understanding, cooperating and keeping us looking good.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend, wherever you may be. It will certainly be an Easter that we won’t forget!

– Kyle and Morgan Jenkin