Sandaraska Park

in the heart of the

Ganaraska Forest

Welcome to Sandaraska Park, a privately owned family camping park located on 200 acres with 219 campsites near Pontypool in Central Ontario.

Your perfect escape is only an hour away from Toronto, where you will find amenities, family fun, adventure and sporting action. With quick access to the endless trails of the Ganaraska Forest, you can explore the 11,000 acres of conservation land by hiking, on horseback, mountain bike, or ATV.

You can own your own part of fresh clean air, peace and tranquility when you step into your cottage, a home-away-from-home. Enjoy stress-free cottage ownership and the chance to make wonderful new friendships and create lasting family memories.

Great place to take the family for a camping weekend. Although this place is amazing in the summer, the fall is great as well. Lots of trails to walk and even fun family activities like horseback riding and recreational events.

Local Family

Very beautiful. Amazing place for romance and spending time with your family. Lots of activities and amazing and friendly people.

Mississauga Family

Had a great time there in the playground with my grandchildren and also in the pool. Enjoyed walking in the Forest and barbecues in the evenings.

Grandfather from Toronto

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3 weeks ago

Sandaraska Park
Good Morning everyone. I hope that everyone is having a good winter so far despite the endless grey days out there! This weekend is another access weekend February 10/11, so that you can come up and check your trailer. We have been doing some work in the park so some of the roads are plowed, but most of the roads are not. If you are coming up, please park off to the side as usual so you don't block the driveway when you walk in. It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend, but please don't try and stay overnight or start any fires, the intent is strictly to check on your trailer and site.I hope everyone has a good weekend, the countdown is on!Kyle ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

Sandaraska Park
Good morning everyone, I’m up at sandaraska now plowing the entrance open. We got several inches of snow up here, so less then expected but it’s really wet! The park will be open for you to access shortly, but you will need 4 wheel drive to get down Sandaraska road, which isn’t plowed. Kyle ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Sandaraska Park
Good Morning everyone. Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. Martin and his team finished off the year working on the the new septic system along with our never ending tree work. Spring is fast approaching and it will be here before we know it! This Spring the entire horse area will finally be connected to the completed septic system, going to a proper treatment system and a brand new weeping bed by the office. With the Ganny cleaned up and the construction work completed here is hoping that this is a normal season for us without any surprises! Between the gypsy moths, the storm and covid it has been quite a run! This upcoming weekend, Jan 13/14, is an access weekend for you to WALK in and check on your trailer. Please to do not try and stay overnight or have a campfire as the park has no emergency access. For those of you that live on Trailside, you will see that we have done some tree work to clean up the storm damage, where people were parking on the East side of Trailside. For this weekend, we will do our best to have the driveway plowed so that you can at least get off the road, but in our experience the Town is horrible at plowing Sandaraska Rd. It looks like the snow is coming Friday night, I will be out there Saturday morning so that you can access the park. When I am up there I can update everyone on the condition of Sandaraska Rd, but be warned, I am not expecting much.....If you do plan on coming up it may be best to plan on Saturday afternoon or Sunday once you have seen the updates. Have a great rest of the week, Kyle ... See MoreSee Less
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